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GoldLife Services s.r.o was established in 2009 by three founding partners, Renata Ljunggren, Lucie Vimrova and Alena Foster. We have been focusing on high quality services in sports and education mainly to children from the expatriate community in the Czech Republic.

Motherhood has inspired our business: “we do what we do best – we care for children”


  • GoldLife Sports Club – sports activities provided by the registered club GoldLife Sports   

  • GoldLife Tutoring – provided under the brand ABC Activity are language, mathematics and science tutoring for all levels including IGCSE and IB students

  • GoldLife Camps & Retreats – Holiday residential & day sports camps in Prague during the holidays and focused sports retreats



Renata is originally from Croatia and was raised in Germany where she completed her education and graduated in Economics. In addition to her MA in Economics Renata holds an MBA from the Chicago Booth Graduate School of Business. After having worked for big multinational companies in Germany, Russia and Belgium she decided to come the Czech Republic to set-up her own HR consultancy business. In 2009 she gave her career a new orientation and founded GoldLife Services together with Lucie and Alena. Being a mother herself - Renata has two children, a boy and a girl - she recognized the challenge for professionally involved parents of the international community in Prague to keep their children occupied with English instructed sports activities after school and during the long holiday periods. The idea for GoldLife Services was to provide for the children a place where they feel safe and at ease meeting their peers, having fun and plenty of activities supervised by professional instructors. In 2015 Renata established the GoldLife Sports Club fully dedicated to sports activities for children also on competitive levels. Renata is a level III certified gymnastics trainer by the Czech Gymnastics Federation (Gymfed).

Renata Ljunggren


Lucie graduated from the University of Economics in Prague, with focus on Regional Economics and Business Studies. Already during her studies, she started her working career in the area of consulting services, project management and EU funds. After several years of experience in grant management and EU financial instruments, Lucie together with Renata and Alena founded Goldlife Services s.r.o. Her knowledge and experience with project and financial management Lucie is now applying within the company, where she is responsible for all financial management. Also being a mother of two girls in the age of 9 and 7 years, she realizes how important is to spent time with sport activities especially for the kids and to develop their physical skills and overall good health condition. Being the daughter of a Czech Diplomat Lucie is also very familiar with expatriate life and the needs of foreigners to a country where the language is not the only hurdle to take.

Lucie Vimrova

Trainers & Coaches

Marketa joined us in September 2017 and is coaching the GoldLife competitions group in artistic / acrobatic gymnastics 3 times a week. Marketa is an experienced gymnastics trainer, graduate from and doctoral candidate at the Charles University Faculty of Sports and Physical education. Apart from teaching at GoldLife Services, Marketa teaches young football players from Sparta in gymnastics and works for the Charles University Faculty of Sports and Physical Education in Marketing. Marketa is a level III certified gymnastics trainer by the Czech Gymnastics Federation.

Marketa Pecinova

Ladka I-2.jpeg

Ladka is training intermediate level gymnasts and calisthenics / street workout. Ladka is studying at the Charles University Faculty of Sports and is focusing on acrobatic gymnastics and street workout on competitive level - the list of her achievements is too long :-) so we mention just her 1st place win at the Czech League Street Workout earlier in 2018. Ladka together with Jiri are adding an important element to our regular gymnastics training, which is the workout with the body's own weight (calisthenics), considerably strengthening the core - very important for gymnasts. Ladka is also participating in Obstacle Course Racing like the Spartan race where she won 1st place in her age category this year.

Ladislava Jerabkova


Jiri has been working with GoldLife Services since September 2017 as a sports specialist and acrobatic gymnastics & calisthenics trainer. Jiri trains our boys class 12 - 14 years old and our beginners mixed class, boys and girls ages 5 - 7. During his studies at Masaryk University Jiri specialized in regeneration and nutrition in Sports. He has coached gymnastics for a number of years as well as held over 30 workshops in weight training, strength and mobility. Jiri completed years of Jiu-Jitsu training and has competed in the Absolute Championship Berkut Jiu-Jitsu European. Some years ago Jiri opened the DS Movement Gym, which is the first gym in the Czech Republic focused on the development of motion, in Brno.

Jiri Smiga

Lucie Budska.jpg

Lucie joined us in 2015 and has been training intermediate and advanced groups ages 7 - 14. She teaches our groups on Tuesdays, Fridays and Sundays. Lucie has been doing competitive gymnastics since she was 5 years old. At the age of 10 she then started competitive dancing (jazz dance, modern dance and ballet). With her group Lucy won many national and international titles. She competed in France, Germany, Poland, Austria and Portugal. Lucie is also trainer for SK Hradcany since 2016. Lucie is a level II certified gymnastics trainer and referee by the Czech Gymnastics Federation.

Lucie Budska


Tereza joned GoldLife in 2015 as a trainer in acrobatic gymnastics for all levels. She studies at the Charles University, FTVS (Faculty of Physical Education and Sports), specializing in gymnastics. Tereza currently also leads competitive groups from the Czech gymnastics club SK Hradcany, where she has been training since 2009. Since she was 4 years old, Tereza has been practicion gymnastics. Among her greatest achievements was the first place in the Czech Junior Championship in 2007. Tereza is a level II certified gymnastics trainer and referee by the Czech Gymnastics Federation.

Tereza Lipsanova

Lea Kornova.jpg

Lea trains our youngest 5 year olds on Fridays and intermediate 9+ girls on Tuesdays. Lea speaks multiple languages incl. Czech, English and German, which makes teaching our classes easy from the language point of view. Lea attended several international schools incl. Riverside, PBIS and ECP and spent half a year in Canada as an exchange student. She started with gymnastics at the age of 4 and eventually added competitive dancing. With her team she won multiple Czech, as well as international dance competitions such as Dance World Cup in England, Germany and Portugal. After 10 years of intensive dancing Lea decided to focus again on gymnastics. She started teaching for GoldLife Services in September 2018. So glad she joined our team! Lea is a level III certified gymnastics trainer by the Czech Gymnastics Federation.

Lea Kornova


Stanislav Vlasenko has joined us in 2018 and has been training our intermediate and advanced

groups on Tuesdays and Fridays and is another great addition to our team. Stanislav has been

performing gymnastics for more than 15 years at competitive level for clubs including SK

Hradcany. Gymnastics is not the only sport he is involved in, he swims, climbs and Thai boxes.

Apart from being a trainer in gymnastics Stanislav is studying architecture at the CVUT University in Prague and is playing the piano.

Stanislav is a level III certified gymnastics trainer by the Czech Gymnastics Federation.

Stanislav Vlasenko


Jakub joined us in 2019 to train our mixed gymnastics prep group of 5 to 7 year olds and  adult classes (18 – 99 year olds). Jakub has the highest trainer’s licenses (level I) in a variety of sports including gymnastics. He is a graduate of the FTVS (Faculty of Physical Education and Sports) of the Charles University in Prague. An ex-Rugby player, Jakub also plays tennis or teaches the same.

Jakub Siman


Peter joined us in 2019 as head coach for our gymnastics camps

and has since been leading regular group and individual classes at all levels and ages.

Peter is in his last year of studies at the FTVS (Faculty of Physical Education and Sports) of the Charles University in Prague. His particular merit lies in the combined knowledge and experience with sports science in general and gymnastics in specific. Like our entire team, Peter holds a licence as gymnastics trainer.

Peter Hanuš



Sports Programs – GoldLife Sports

We deliver comprehensive training programs in English that improve flexibility, core function, balance, posture, speed & agility and develop children’s & young adults’ personal, physical and social skills in a quality and safe learning environment:

  • Artistic & Acrobatic gymnastics

  • Calisthenics

  • Dance

  • Climbing & bouldering



Tutoring in English, French, German, Czech, mathematics, science and other upon request is provided by experienced native speakers for languages & professional tutors in all subjects.

The sessions can take place at your homes or at our premises at Prague 6 Brevnov, Zaverka 18.

Holiday Camps & Focused Sports Retreats


Our holiday camps & focused sports retreats are aligned with the international school holidays throughout the year. We offer residential camps and focused retreats as well as day camps in Prague.

Our partner for Adult Sports Programs

Our partner for children swimming courses



Our Health Partner


Our Insurance Partner

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Regular Courses

Artistic Gymnastics

Training on different apparatuses including floor, beam, (un- / even) bars, vault, rings, trampoline. This sport is governed & regulated by national federations and GoldLife follows the curriculum of the US federation and USA Gymnastics.


Classes take place at SK Hradany, Diskarska 1, Prague 6 as follows:

  • Tuesdays 16.00 – 17.30 (ages 7 – 14, all levels)

  • Fridays 16.30 – 18.00 (ages 5 – 14, all levels)

  • Sundays 10 – 11.30, 11.30 – 13.00 (ages 7 - 14, intermediate & advanced)


Calisthenics is a form of exercise consisting of a variety of gross motor movements—running, standing, grasping, pushing, etc. - performed with minimal equipment, so essentially, bodyweight exercises. They are intended to increase body strength, body fitness, and flexibility, through movements such as pulling or pushing oneself up, bending, jumping, or swinging, using only one's body weight for resistance; usually conducted in concert with stretches. Calisthenics can provide the benefits of muscular and aerobic conditioning, in addition to improving psychomotor skills such as balance, agility and coordination. Ideal for teenagers and adults.

Classes take place at SK Hradany, Diskarska 1, Prague 6 as follows:

  • Tuesdays 16.15 – 17.30 (ages 12+, beginners & advanced)

  • Fridays 16.30 – 18.00 (ages 12+, beginners)

  • Sundays 11.30 – 13.00 (ages 12+, advanced)


Dance classes including elements of different dancing styles from classical, modern, jazz to street and hip-hop. These classes are ideal for all dance lovers who will enjoy different dance styles that help with posture, flexibility and coordination.

  • Sundays 10.00 – 11.00 (ages 8+, all levels)

Individual trainings

  • Artistic gymnastics: Sundays from 13.00 – 15.00 and upon agreement

  • Calisthenics, tennis, swimming & climbing: upon agreement



Šťastné děti Huddle

Annual Summer Holiday Camps – Gymnastics, Street Workout, Parkour

Great way to keep fit and healthy even when school’s out! Above all, they’re super FUN!!

We always maintain a friendly and non-competitive environment, so your children can build a love for the sports.

Includes exercising on vault, floor, bars, beam, rings, tumble track camp; trampoline, parkour trail preparation for interested groups;

Covers flexibility, strength, coordination, body shapes, fun conditioning exercises and stretch camp; flexibility worked on in a range of activities including outdoor trainings camp; fun games on designated days.

Camp Choices:

Camp I: Gymnastics Trial for Young Beginners – 5 to 7 years

  • Fun introduction to artistic gymnastics (vault, floor, bars, beam, rings, tumble track camp; trampoline) for curious and interested beginners.


Camp II: Gymnastics for Intermediate and Advanced – 8 to 14 years

  • Fun enhancement and further development of skills in artistic gymnastics (vault, floor, bars, beam, rings, tumble track camp; trampoline).


Camp III: Street workout and parkour intro to and basics of – 12 to 16 years

  • Strength, fun conditioning, coordination, stretch camp; flexibility training worked on in a range of activities in and outdoors.

ALL CAMPS RUN Wed 7 – Fri 9 July and 12 – 17 July

  • Half Day Option: 9.00 – 12.30

  • Whole Day Option: 9.00 – 15.30


Camp fee for 3 days: 3,200 czk half day, 5,900 czk whole day; fee includes program led by experienced camp; certified gymnastics trainers, entrance fee to the fully equipped gym. Lunches are charged in addition to those who want the lunch option.

Camp fee / week: 5,900czk including program led by experienced camp; certified gymnastics trainers, entrance fees camp; lunches. 10% discount is available for our regular gymnastics courses clients.

Venue: SK Hradcany, DIskarska 1, Prague 6 and Ladronka park

For more info camp; registrations please contact: Renata at

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Renata Ljunggren
+420 724 020 613


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